How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story? Instagram is used by individuals, influencers, and businesses alike. Companies use this platform to attract potential customers while bloggers use it to gain like-minded followers.

It’s important to share worthwhile content to retain and increase this following. Instagram Stories is one such feature that you can use to boost your engagement and reach. It was launched in the year 2016 and now over 500 million users utilize this daily.

Instagram Stories can be found at the bar on top of your feed. A colorful ring around a profile picture indicates a new story has been shared. Tap on their image to view their story. This content lasts for a day and plays in a chronological order.

Tap on your screen to go backward or forwards, swipe to jump to another. Press the camera icon on the top-left corner of the screen to share a story. You can also swipe left to reveal the story camera.

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You can also upload images from your camera roll. Swipe up on your stories camera and find the latest content on your phone. The ways to get creative on this platform have no bounds.

How to Make Your Stories Pop!

Adding fun visual elements like stickers, texts, GIFs, or drawings will jazz up your profile! Make your content more discoverable with hashtags or locations. You can even share your favorite music.

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

These extra elements are fun to play around with. They guarantee an increased reach! Despite the many benefits, people have been criticizing Instagram for not allowing them to share multiple photos with one story.

Well, Instagram certainly heard them! You can now do it in three different ways.

Method 1: Use Photo Sticker

Photo stickers work similarly to Instagram music. You can add several photos to one Instagram story with this. The problem is this feature isn’t available in every region yet. This tactic makes your post look like a collage.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Go to Instagram stories.

Step 2: Take a new picture or share an older one from your camera roll. This will be your background. Keep in mind this works for still images only.

Step 3: Select Photo Sticker from the top-right of your screen. This will open your camera roll.

Step 4: Choose the image you like. Adjust the size and position on your screen.

Step 5: Add additional effects and you’re done!

Alternative to Step 3: Go back to your camera roll and copy an image. Paste it on your story as a photo sticker.

With this, you can add more photos to the Instagram story. People assume it’s a revamped Photo Sticker feature but that isn’t the case. Repeat the steps until you’re happy with the final result!

Method 2: Use Instagram Layout

Instagram Stories recently received a new feature called Layout. You’ll find the option between Superzoom and Boomerang. They declared it with a tweet that said, “Strike a pose. And another pose. And then another.”

To start, open the Instagram app.

Step 1: Go to Instagram stories and select the Layout option.

Step 2: Take some pictures to fill out your chosen format. You can also directly pick them from your camera roll.

Step 3: You can now add texts, filters, stickers, and tags for some visual stimulation!

Step 4: Share the collage to your Story or send it to your friends.

Layouts come in a collage layout. You have six choices to pick from. You can post as little as two images. Or you can make a single collage of six pictures!

Method 3: Consult Another App

Making Instagram Stories

The best part about using different applications is that you’re not limited to photographs. You can add videos too! With these, you can create a video collage that plays several videos simultaneously.
There are many apps compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Here are the top two!

1. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid is user-friendly and offers collages in two ways. You can share up to 4 videos in a single post. Or you play around with combinations that can fit up to 9 images. 

The app automatically changes the frame according to the files you choose. This feature isn’t available in most apps. All your content gets equal attention to it. You can also mute, add music, or trim your videos.

It also comes with some custom fonts and stickers you can utilize. Another fun feature is that the videos play sequentially. Your followers won’t miss out on the contents of either. Once the first one stops, the next one will play.

2. Unfold

Nobody likes watermarks splash across their content. You can thank Unfold for not including one. While it doesn’t offer the same features as the previous app, it has its benefits.

For once, the custom layouts have an air of elegance. All the templates are chic and professional. You can change the background color according to your tastes. You can also add up to four files for both images and videos.

Download the video first to include additional elements like texts or stickers. Once you’re done saving it, you can use the edit icon to make the changes.

Final Thoughts

It’s been nearly a decade since Instagram existed and now the social network is booming! The app has evolved since its inception and comes with nifty tools that help elevate your content.

You can turn off commenting on existing posts and add more information than before. Instagram also added something similar to Snapchat. So, you can send disappearing videos and images to your friends!

No matter which method you use to boost engagement, make sure you post frequently. Instagrammers live for content. Long periods of inactivity won’t bring your brand and goodwill.

Adding multiple photos to your Instagram Story is just another trick you can use to increase engagement. So go make use of this tool today!