How to Create a Poll on Facebook

How to Create a Poll on Facebook? We live in the age of data. With the rapid adoption of big data, businesses are making more and more important decisions based on data. While Facebook polls is certainly not the most advanced form of data gathering, it does have its fair share of use and value.

If you want to know how Facebook polls can help you and how you can create engaging Facebook polls, this is the article for you.

In this guide, we are going to tell you how to create a poll on Facebook, what data can be collected through the help of the poles and many more. So, let us get started.

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Why Would You Want to Use Facebook Polls?

In essence, polls are and always will be a tool. Just like any other tool, when used correctly, it will bring in great results. There are a couple of advantages of using Facebook polls.

Most of these advantages revolve around gathering data and consumer insight. With the number of people using Facebook every day, highly engaging polls can bear very good data that can be used to gauge consumer preferences, awareness, consensus, and more. Here are some of the benefits of using Facebook polls.

1. Increases Content Possibility

As the saying goes, “content is king”. Businesses and marketers always want to be on top of creating great content. Engaging content creates long term value and builds brands.

Polls are a great way to increase content for your Facebook page. If you think about it, they are essentially two pieces of possible content. The initial content is the poll itself.

Later on, if you choose to do so, you can post the results of a specific poll. There is your second content. Although engaging polls make for good content, you definitely do not want to spam your customers and followers and create polls every time.

2. Gather Feedback and Insights

Polls are also a great way to get consumer feedback and insight on a particular product or service. While they may not give you deep data to work it, a poll can be very useful nonetheless to gauge the consensus of the consumers.

facebook screen look

Did they like a particular service or product? What did they like the most about it or what did they dislike? Results from these polls can be used for future development and improvements for your products and services.

3. Polls Build Relationships and Community

At the end of the day, what is the goal of your company’s social media presence? It certainly is not to merely exist and rake up a follower count. One of the goals of a company’s social media presence is to build a brand and a relationship with its customers – a community if you will.

Polls allow the conversation to be two-way. Instead of just you bombarding consumers with marketing promotions and content, a poll can be quite the refresher.

They give your customer a chance to share their feedback and contribute to the collective knowledge pool. They can voice their experience, thoughts and recommendation.

Polls most certainly create communities and build brands. Engage your customers in the conversation.

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4. Increases Engagement

Speaking of engagement, social media marketing for your business will thrive on high engagement. Here is a not so secret statement: Facebook’s algorithms love engagement.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook

Polls are a great way to entice your customer to engage with your brand. This makes your page stand out and perform better overall. Engagement is absolutely priceless in today’s world.

You need to make the consumer invested in your brand. When they are invested, they become long term customers and brand advocates. By creating engaging content (and polls) you are essentially doing just that.

5. Breaking the Cycle

You can only post so many videos and pictures until they get stale. You can switch things up and keep things fresh by creating new content types – polls being one of them.

Consumers are constantly being marketed to nowadays. To stand out from the noise, you need to keep things fresh and memorable.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook?

Creating polls on Facebook is pretty simple and intuitive. We mean, it is Facebook after all. Love them or hate, they have a way with user interface design. Here are the steps for creating a poll:

Step 1 –Go to your profile and click to make a post

Step 2 – From the ‘Make Post’ section, you will see ‘Poll’ as an option. Click it.

Step 3 – You will see Facebook allows you to create polls wit gifs, videos and even images. If you want you can select the relevant option.

Step 4 – Fill out your questions and the answers and the time window. Your selected time window will be the timeframe for how much time your followers have to answer your poll. 

Step 5–Publish on your story or news feed. You can also add additional information like your location, tag event and more.

Voila! You just created a poll on Facebook. You can even create polls on groups as well with a similar process.

A thing of note, the more engaging your polls are the better they will work. That is true for basically every piece of Facebook and social media content. So, strive to make creative polls.

There are great tools you can use to create killer Facebook polls. Look into tools like Polls for Pages, Facebook Insights or Facebook Business Manager to create effective and engaging polls.

Conclusion on Create Poll for Facebook

Now that you know how to create a poll on Facebook, go on, and create awesome content for your socials. Whether you are an individual working on their brand or a corporate entity, polls can be used for a wide variety of situations.