How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

Did you know there are content creators who earn money on YouTube without making their own videos?

YouTube has always been an interesting and convenient source of passive income that you can wield like a sword on your journey towards financial freedom. Yes, there are plenty more ways to do so, but when you compare the time invested to the income potential, YouTube is a superior choice.

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With that being said, it’s anything but easy to make income off your YouTube account. It’ll take tons of dedication and hard work, especially at the starting stage. Initially, it’ll be more demanding than a 9 to 5 job, but after everything has been set up properly, you can make it totally passive and get away with putting the least amount of effort.

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If you want to know how people make money on YouTube without making videos, you’ve come to the right place.

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How Does the Philosophy Work?

The plan is to make money by posting compilation/ranking videos on YouTube. Sounding a little generic? Hear us out!

All you have to do is make videos revolving around a particular niche. It could be gaming, music, beauty, top 10, etc. You’ll need to be consistent in posting videos in order to build an audience.

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Why these types of videos? Have you ever seen those compilation videos that could have the most random topic but still garner over thousands and millions of views? Our point exactly. These videos are super popular on YouTube. With good content and a consistent posting schedule, your channel will be discovered and stand a chance at earning some solid cash.

The money will come from the ads that are placed on your videos.

If you’re still not convinced on the compilation part and confused as to why you can’t start off with something that you’re good at instead (for example, vlogging or DIY videos), here’s why: Starting a personal YouTube channel from scratch is no child’s play. People don’t really have a reason to log into your channel. Firstly, because they don’t know you. Secondly, because they don’t relate to you.

In this aspect, compilation/top 10 videos are easier to do and won’t require high editing skills. You’ll also have a clear concept about the kind of content people like watching. Eventually, you’re guaranteed to get views, get recognized, and start making money.

That is, if you follow the next few steps we’ll be covering in this article.

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Steps to Making an Income from YouTube Without Making Videos

Keep in mind that these aren’t the “get rich overnight” kind of plans. Those aren’t logical and honestly, not that lucrative. Applying the correct steps will help you earn money, but it will take a significant amount of time.

Find a Niche

Note all the videos that you watch the most on YouTube. You’ll be using this as your area of expertise while you edit and put together videos.

There’s something on YouTube for everyone, so be mindful in choosing yours. Select something having a dedicated community of fans. You’ll develop an engaged audience that enjoy your content.

Obviously, there is a plethora of options to choose from, but here are our top suggestions.

Instagram Clips

Things go viral on Instagram so often these days that there’s really no dearth of content. You can scour Instagram for these viral clips with a specific keyword. For instance, smoky eyes.

Funny Clips

No matter what you were looking for originally, there’s no shame in admitting that all of us have gone down the YouTube spiral once in our life. It mainly starts off with a funny video because people need an extra burst of laugh for the day. These clips are very easy to find and edit.


Twitch is the home for pro gamers and their huge audience. Use this niche to draw in a curious audience.


You could unite the world with people. Every genre has a fan base. You can make those mood specific music videos that generates a ton of views. Music to study to, to work out to, to get dressed to, and many more.

Make Your Channel

On your YouTube profile, create a new channel. Now, you need to brand your channel in a way that represents your niche and makes everything seem professional, but still entertaining/informative.

Get creative and design a logo, set a profile picture and a banner. Fill out your bio section and don’t forget to add a few keywords having a massive volume of search. You can use Keywords Everywhere or Ubersuggest to check the stats. This assures that your channel won’t be deemed as a robot by the YouTube algorithm and get banned.

Monetize Your Channel

Now it’s time to talk content. Go to YouTube and look up keywords relevant to your niche in the filter section. Strike the creative common and arrange them according to amount of views. Creative commons is a handy feature that tells you that you can use a content in your video provided some edits are made and it’s not copyrighted. After finding the content you plan on using, make some edits and finalize a video: ranking, compilation, pranks, controversy, and challenges will always be hot topics. Add a thumbnail and attach the keyword you used to research the content.

Optimize your videos

You’ll get paid depending on the click-through rate on your videos as well as the watch time. Here are some ways to optimize your videos for maximizing earnings:

  • Make an attractive thumbnail.
  • Give eye-catching titles.
  • Edit videos properly.
  • Use the medium of storytelling.
  • Be consistent.


There really is a trick behind this method of earning money, but it’s sure-shot. However, make sure to never “steal” someone else’s content. Nobody likes copyrighted stuff, especially YouTube. To build a healthy channel, rely on basic creative instincts and perseverance.