How to Remove Followers on Twitter

How to Remove Followers on Twitter? When you come to think of it, don’t you think it should have been a very straightforward task? I bet you have already visited your twitter follower list trying to find a solution on your own. Just like on Instagram, it should have been an option on the drop-down menu, where you can simply click on “Unfollow,” and that is all.

Often, things do not turn out to be as simple as we thought, which is one of those. Surprisingly, Twitter has a stringent policy when it comes to following and unfollowing someone. They even contacted all the app developers and requested them to remove the features, making the follow business easy.

We will get back to that later on in the article or not. For now, worry not; there are some workarounds that Twitter still kept on.

Private Account

Before going with all the hassle of making a person unfollow you, there is a Twitter recommended method of privacy. Yes, there is a reason Twitter has made it so hard to make specific someone unfollow you. That is because you are managing a “Public” account.

How to Remove bulk Followers on Twitter

So, the public has all the right to follow you, unless you get a restraining order on them. The Twitter lingo is “Block” them. If you want privacy, you can simply switch your account to a private one. Once you have done so, people can’t just enter a private property as they wish. They will need your permission to do so.

You will have to approve each person who requests to join your property or your twitter account as a follower to see your tweets. Yes, once you have gone private, people won’t be able to see your tweets even.

Steps to Taking Your Twitter Account Private

  1. Log in to your Twitter account from any device you wish.
  2. Locate the “Settings” menu.

On the PC, you will find it under the “More” button preceded by an eclipse sign.

On the mobile app, the settings button is on the right of the search bar.

  • Click on the “Privacy and Safety” tab you find in the settings.
  • Then, under “Tweets,” you will see a “Protect Your Tweets” option with a checkbox or slider on the right, depending on which device you are in.
  • Click on that box or slider.
  • A prompt will come up, double-checking if you are sure. Click on “Protect” to confirm.
  • Now your account has become private. You will notice a “Lock sign” beside your username.

Note that the people who had already entered your property when it was public will remain as is. They won’t require extra permission to be on your follower list and continue seeing your posts. Only the people who will come after you have hanged the “Private” or “Locked” sign will require permission.

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The Block, Unblock Way

If you wish to keep your profile public, but still want to remove one particular person from your list, then this is the way. Wait! No, blocking is the way.

However, you may not want to block permanently on account that by doing so, the other person will know about it if they search for your profile. If you’re going to be discrete, this is the way and want them to not bulge their noses in your tweets every now and then.

Steps to Make People Unfollow Your Twitter Account

  1. As usual, you need to be logged in into your Twitter account.
  2. Find the “Followers” list.

If you are on the mobile app, click on the profile picture on the top left. It will bring the “Menu” tab forward. You will find the “Followers” button here with the follower button. Click on that.

If you are from the PC, click on the “Profile” button on the left. There you will find a “Followers” option. Click on it.

  • Once you have found the followers on twitter, find the person you want to remove. Click on their name.
  • You will go into their profile. Now from there, you will see “three-dots,” horizontally, if you are from desktop or vertically from the mobile app. Click on the dots.
  • A list will appear. From the list, click on “Block @username.”
  • Then a prompt will come up seeking confirmation. If you want to proceed, click on the “Block” button.
  • Now, you will find a “Blocked” button on the profile you are in, which was once the “following” button. It’s crazy how priorities change, right?

Anyway, the person has been blocked and is no longer in your following or followers list. They won’t be notified of it. When are we ever told if we are no longer in the priorities list, right? If they search for you or your profile, they will find out that you are not there, and they have been blocked from your profile.

They might get furious, heartbroken, and might consider this as a sign of being barred from life, perhaps. If you wish to avoid such an awkward situation, proceed with step no. 8.

  • Click on the “Blocked” button.
  • Immediately Twitter will show you a prompt asking if you are ready to unblock that person or account. Click on “Unblock.”

Now, the unfollowing status still prevails, but if they search for you, they will find you. Though they will discover that for some mysterious reason, they are not following you. If they have been on the same path as you are, they will soon understand the trick you played.

Removing all Followers

How to remove all twitter followers

By some simple steps, removing all the followers is much convenient than removing one by one. So, if you want to start all-new, follow the following steps.

  1. Log in to your Twitter account from a desktop browser.
  2. Go to the “Followers” list, and scroll to the very bottom to load all of the followers.
  3. Then Right-click on the page, and select the “Inspect” option. A window will come up. Select the “Console” window from there.


Alternatively, just press “ctrl+shift+j.”

  • Type or copy-paste in the following command:

$(‘.ProfileCard-content’).each(function () {

var status = $(this).find(‘.FollowStatus’).text();

var unfollowButton = $(this).find(‘.user-actions-follow-button’);

if (status != ‘follows you’) {;



  • Then hit the “Enter” key.

Conclusion on Remove Followers on twitter

You must be facing some serious troubles in twitter from certain people if you’re thinking of remove them as followers. But, if they’re your closed ones, they might find out that you’ve removed them. Still, you can avoid the awkwardness or confrontation by claiming that to be a Twitter glitch. Or better, you might act all angry that they have actually forgotten to follow you or have unfollowed you intentionally in the first place.