How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Posts

How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Posts? After hearing most marketers rave about how important engagement is, the title of this article could come off as counter-intuitive. The trust of the matter is, there not always a one-size-fits-all course of action for everything.

Sometimes you need to do things that might be against conventional wisdom. Turning off comments on your Facebook posts could just be that exact thing. This article will give you a guide on what you need to know about how to turn off comments on Facebook posts, re-electing your privacy settings.

How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Posts

Controlling your Facebook comment section is very easy. There are just a couple of steps you need to take.

How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Posts

1 Step– Visit

​2 ​Step –Go to settings by clicking the setting options from the triangle drop-down menu at the right

3 Step –now on the left side of the screen you will see a pane. Click on public comments. You will be presented with an option to edit your public post comment settings.​​

4 Step – Choose one of three options for public comments. You can either choose it to be public, friends or friends of friends. Unfortunately, you cannot completely turn off public post’s comments on Facebook.

You were able to this for a page as well, but Facebook removed this feature from the site.

Facebook Comments for a Page

Is there anything you can do to prevent unwanted people from commenting on your Facebook page? Yes, there is! Facebook has not left page owners completely helpless.

Facebook Comments for a Page

You have the option to either hide a particular comment or delete it. Since Facebook does not allow you to turn off comments for a page anymore, this is the two best options for now.

Hiding Comments

Both hiding and deleting comments is pretty simple. Let us start with hiding comments. When you hide a comment, that comment is only visible to the commenter themselves. Others on the page cannot see that particular comment.

Here is how you hide comments. Click on the three dots located right of the comment and simply click hide. The process is quite easy. What is tedious though however, is you have to hide each comment individually.

As of now, there is no bulk manage option or an option to completely hide the comments.

Deleting Comments

Deleting the comment is also the same affair. You can click the three dots on the right ofthe comment and click delete. Voila, you are done!


It’s a more permanent solution but for a more case by case basis. You can choose to ban a user. If you ban them they will not be able to leave any comments.

Why Would You Want to Turn Off Comments?

People might want to turn off comments for many reasons. One big reason behind business and/or pages doing it is to protect an image. Let us dive into the details of the possible reasons someone might want to turn off comments on Facebook.

1. Protecting Image

This is one of the most common reasons a page moderator or group admin might want to turn off comments. The internet is filled with people with different opinions. While sharing these opinions are fine and are often encouraged, there are a lot of trolls on the site as well.

People tend to sometimes spread misinformation that can tarnish the reputation of a brand or page unjustly. That is the reason why some pages or groups disable comments.

2. Information Overload

If you ever posted on a public group and has that post become semi-viral, you know how overwhelming the flurry of notifications of likes, shares and comments can be.

Not everyone likes attention. That is why many choose to turn off comments on Facebook because they do not want to deal with a massive influx of notifications.

3. Eliminate Toxic People

Comments can become very toxic when people are not being as nice to others as they should be.They are making it bad for everyone. There are a couple of things you can do in this situation.

Instead of turning off comments completely and also depriving others of commenting, you can hide or delete comments of those individuals.

4. Eliminate Spam

Spams are particularly dangerous on pages and groups because of the fact many other people can fall into it.

What Type of Comments Should You Delete?

It might be tempting to delete every and any comment that speaks negatively of you, but that is not the best idea – more on this a bit later. There are some comments you most definitely should delete though. here are some:

  • Clear Spams – Comments that are clearly trying to scam people. Y0ou should hide and/or delete these instantly. This not only is bad for our page but also puts other users at risk of being scammed.
  • Trolls or Inappropriate – Comments that are creating no value and is clearly just trolling people are better off hidden or deleted. Blatant trolls are easy to find just by reading through the comments they leave. Also, if a comment is inappropriate and violates the guidelines of your group or page, is a good reason to hide or delete comments.
  • Reported by Other Users – If a lot of other people have reported a comment, the consensus is made. Most of them have an issue with the comment. You can delete or hide those comments.


In a nutshell, this has been how to turn off commenting on Facebook posts. There are surely some limitations. Facebook does not always allow you to turn off comments, but there are clever ways around it. For an experiment, if a comment is negative, you can try to addressing it and approaching it with a customer support point of view. That could change some of your perspective on turning off comments going forward.