What Happens When You Block Someone on Instagram?

What Happens When You Block Someone on Instagram? It’s no secret that Instagram is the key to market penetration. Instagram has revamped communication channels and marketing media. It’s also the place to nurture connections, old and new.

Sometimes, it gets too much. Some persistent followers tend to spam your profile every minute of the day. Don’t worry! Instagram has protective measures against these tenacious buggers. Wondering how? The good old block option, of course!

Instagram allows you to remove or block individuals you don’t want to interact with. There is a catch though. The blocked profile won’t be able to see your posts and comments, but what happens to everything else? 

Before jumping to the details, let’s see how to block (or unblock) someone on Instagram.

When You Block Someone on Instagram?
Source: Quora
  1. Go to the profile you want to block.
  2. Click on the three dots at the top right corner.
  3. Select Block from the pop-up options.
  4. Press block!

Do the same thing if you want to unblock. An Unblock option will appear instead of the Block one. You can also go to Privacy and Security to do the same. Now without further ado, let’s see what blocking consists of.

Points to Note Before Blocking a User

Blocking is a swift and effective process. You’ll lose all interactions with the profile you blocked. They won’t be able to reach you either. Not unless you remove the block. Here are the answers to some common queries.

Does the Other Person Get Notified?

Thankfully, no! The blocked individual doesn’t get any notification. They won’t notice the difference instantly. It’s a painless process for both parties. No one wants to get notified they’re blocked. They won’t know any better until they look you up.

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Can They Look You Up?

For a few days, yes! The blocked profile can look you up through search if they have before. Instagram doesn’t remove any previous exchanges. They can also look you up from previous comments, tags, or group messages.

They won’t be able to interact with you though. They’ll be able to see your user name, display image, number of images, and your follower and following count.  Your posts, stories, or highlights are safe from prying eyes.

The same works for you. You can visit the blocked profiles but not see anything too exciting. 

Does Blocking Mean Unfollowing Them?

You can unfollow a user without blocking them. Just go to their profile and press on the unfollow button. If you block them, Instagram will automatically stop you from following them.

If you were before, they will be removed from your Followers list. They can’t like or share your posts. Not even send you messages. You won’t receive a single notification from the person you blocked.

Can the Blocked Profile See Changes in Your Profile?

Can the Blocked Profile See Changes in Your Profile?

If they can access your profile through previous exchanges, then yes, even if you have a private account. This especially applies to your profile picture and bio. That’s because this information is available to the public.

Instagram won’t delete your old likes or comments from each other’s profiles either. The blocked user will be able to see your comments in their account and vice-versa. The likes won’t appear unless you unblock them.

Will They Be Able to Tag You?

They can, but you won’t be notified about it. They can mention or tag you in any post on the platform to no avail. If you don’t want them to see the profile you can change the username in a meanwhile.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Direct Messages?

Yes, you can block someone on Direct Messages too. Unlike Facebook Messenger, blocking here would mean blocking the entire profile rather than just the messages.

You also won’t be able to see your personal chat threads with them.

If you come across their profile, you can send new messages from the menu button. The other person won’t be notified of this message though. Beware! Once unblocked, the messages will appear in the chat thread.

You also won’t be removed from the same group chats. In this case, a selection box appears asking you whether you want to stay in the group or not. If you choose to stay, you can still send messages.

The blocked individuals won’t be able to see them. They’ll only be able to see your older texts. Instagram recently introduced the dreaded last active status. They won’t be able to see your active status if you block them!

Is it Any Different If Your Profile is Public?

Not at all! Your account is visible to everyone else and that’s what you need to be wary of. The blocked individuals could simply use a different account to reach you. Try shifting to a private account if you’re worried about that happening.

Alternatives to Blocking

1. Restricting Comments

You don’t have to block someone to tone them down. Maybe the user likes spamming your profile but not your direct messages. In this case, turn off their comments from settings.

Go to Settings, click on Privacy and Security, press Comment Controls and add the people whom you don’t want to comment on your posts.

These individuals can still view your new or old posts. They just won’t be able to flood your notifications with needless remarks.

2. Removing Followers

While you couldn’t do this before, a nifty upgrade allows you to remove a person from following you. You won’t lose their likes or comments, only their lingering presence!

Click on the Followers list on your profile. There’s a three-dot icon next to the Following or Follow button. You’ll find a Remove option in that. Press it and voila! That user will no longer follow you.

Final Thoughts

In short, you’re losing all your previous correspondence with users you’re planning to block. This includes likes, views, comments, and messages. Simply remove them from your account if you don’t want that happening. Ultimately, it’s your account. So, pick the option that makes you most comfortable!