What is Fiverr: A Beginner’s Guide

What is Fiverr: A Beginner’s Guide. The world of freelancing is taking off. Many have made their freelancing side hustles into a sustainable six-figure income source. But what is Fiverr.com? Is it legitimate?

This article will answer exactly that. If you have been looking for a side hustle and have a monetizable skill, Fiverr is probably for you. Essentially, it is one of the largest freelancing marketplaces.

With a great host of freelancers and clientele, whether you register as a buyer to find great talents across the world or make money as a seller, Fiverr is the place to be.

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What is Fiverr – A Full Review

what is Fiverr: A beginners Guide

As mentioned before, Fiverr is a freelance marketplace. Buyers can access a large pool of talented freelancers on the platform for different types of projects. The seller or the freelancer can list their services or skills they have which buyers can hire for a project.

This is in a broad sense the whole gist of the site. The site has a lot of features that are tailored for both buyers and sellers to make their experience using the site better.

Fiverr Features

When talking about what is Fiverr, we need to address the features the platform offers its users. As it turns out, there are quite a few of them. All of them are aimed to make the usage of the site easier.

Sellers can promote their gigs to attract more clients and buyers can use to filter out buyers and hire the right person for their project. Let us dive into some of the highlight features of the site starting with the user interface.

Easy and Intuitive User Interface

For any digital product, the user interface is particularly important. An intuitive UI ensures the users can navigate the platform and efficiently use all its features.

Fiverr’s easy to use UI is quite intuitive and very straight forward. When you visit the home page, Fiverr.com, there are a couple of places where you can start. You can register to become a seller or a buyer.

If you are a buyer, scroll down and you will see a couple of categories which you choose services from. Pretty straightforward, right?

Finding sellers are also very straight forward. When you search for a particular category, the site gives you filters to narrow down your search. You can fine-tune the search by including sub-categories and even seller levels.

Open Platform and Customer Support

A great thing about Fiverr is how transparent it is with regards to the seller and buyer profiles. The site has the number of gigs a particular seller has completed and the seller rating displayed for all.

This is a great way to know how experienced the seller is. You can even see some of their previous work on their profiles. Buyers can leave reviews for sellers and vice versa.

The review system is particularly useful to get a gist of the seller. The seller can leave a review for the buyer as well.

The app has an internal chat system where buyers and sellers can discuss the details of the project. This may include the delivery time and the specific scale of the project as well.

Any confusion that might crop up during theproject can also be discussed here. A good way of buyer protection Fiverr has implemented is allowing buyers to cancel the order if the seller is unresponsive or has not replied within 24 hours.

Any disagreements or disputes that may occur during a project can be taken to customer support for a solution. Although we have to mention this is a rare case. As all sellers and buyers are professionals, disputes are pretty minimum.

Post Gigs or Bidding

If you are a seller you can either post gigs based on your skillset. If a buyer finds your gig matches their needs, they can get in touch with you to talk more details about the job.

Another way you can get clients is to bid on jobs. This is particularly good for sellers and buyers.  Buyers can post projects up for bids. Different sellers can bid on those jobs. They bring in their experience, seller level and also their hourly rate to the table.

As a buyer, you can then choose which freelancer or seller you want to go with taking all of this information into account. A note though, just because a seller has outbidder, someone, by giving you the lowest hourly rate does not mean that is who you should go with.

The goal is to get good work. So, make sure you ask for previous work samples and see the particular experience related to the project as well.

The seller level on Fiverr indicates how experienced a seller or freelancer is on the platform. The higher the seller level the higher the pay rate but also the higher the quality of work you can expect.

This however not set in stone. Many new talented freelancers and sellers are joining the platform. Just because someone is new and has a low seller level, does not always mean they will give you poor work.

FAQ about Fiverr

Can sellers ask buyers to leave a review?

No. leaving a review is completely up to the buyer. If the buyer wishes to leave a review they can do so. However, sellers are not allowed to explicitly ask for a review.

Can I have both buyer and seller account?

Absolutely! If you choose to use the site both as a freelancer and a buyer, you most definitely can.

How do I get paid?

Sellers on Fiverr has many options when it comes to payment. They can either take payment in Bitcoin, via credit/debit cards or even PayPal.


Fiverr can be a good source of income for many freelancers. For buyers, the benefit of having access to a pool of great talents is surely something of value. That essentially answers the question of what is Fiverr.