How Do I Change My Twitter Handle? Without loosing followers!

Everything is traceable online, and more or less public. Social Media images, personalities, etc. impacts a lot in developing the first impression. Know that people even look at the social media handles, display names, and user names. If you are looking for the simple steps on how to change your twitter handle, you’re in the right place.

Why You Should Change Your Social Media Handles

Don’t we all sometimes wish, “what if adolescents never happened?” Well then, we wouldn’t have something to look back and laugh at ourselves. Those were the time when change really happened, changes in us which we can see for ourselves. Differences between a year now and then that we can actually measure signs of progress.

Sure, we all made mistakes during those times. Those mistakes, however, were and is still are rectifiable. Believe me, when I say this, no one judges another person for the mistakes we all make more or less.

However, yes, there is always a however. If you aren’t making amendments to your past, growing, maturing to be more professional, than the work-life might have some bad news for you. Unless you are a social celebrity, and you earn through your profiles, it is high time you change your social media usernames and display names. You don’t want to add your employer or potential partner from a “kitty666” or “playboy420” account.

Even if you are an influencer and social media is your source of income.You should consider changing your handles. Sure, the catchy names are an attraction for funky brands. Still, if you want to collaborate with reputed brands, they will look for influencers that go with their brand image.

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Simple Steps to Change Your Twitter Handles

How Do I Change My Twitter Handle
  1. Log in to your Twitter handle using the prevalent username and password.
  2. Click on the Profile icon that is your profile picture.
  3. From the menu, select “Settings and privacy.”
  4. Then click on “Account.”
  5. You will find a tab of “Username.” Click on it.
  6. Now, you will find 2 fields, “Current” and “New.”
  7. Under “New,” type the new username you want to change to. Remember, the username needs to be of 15 characters or less of alphanumerical characters and unique. Twitter won’t accept username with the words “Twitter” and “Admin.” If you type in such words or an already existing username, twitter will prompt you to select another.  It even shows suggestions related to your typed name. When your typed username is valid and available, Twitter will show a green tick on the side of the box.
  8. After you have typed in the right username, click on “Save Changes.”

What Happens When You Change Your Twitter Username

Do you lose all your followers? Do you lose all the previous tweets and contents?

No, you don’t lose anything if you change your twitter handle username. Since this process has been in line with Twitter’s policy and from your twitter account’s setting, twitter acknowledges the username change. Everything will be as it was.

So, are there any consequences for a changed username? What happens to the previous one?

Yet, there are some consequences. So, when you change your username, you are virtually changing your address. Just like in the real world, you don’t lose connections due to a change of address or leave your assets at the previous one.

Yet, when someone goes and searches for you at the earlier address, will they find you? No, they won’t. Similarly, if people go to the URL with the previous username, they won’t find you. People won’t be able to mention you with the previous username.

After you leave a place in the real world, and it becomes vacant, can’t other people rent or buy it out? Occupy it? Yes, on Twitter, too, once you change to a new twitter handle username, the previous one becomes available for anyone to use.

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Now, there are two possible situations here-

  1. After you had left the previous address, nooneoccupied it. Your previous home is sitting ducks. That is, in the case of twitter, the previous username and URL remain empty. In such cases, if someone goes looking for you in the last address, they will come empty. Twitter, too, will show an invalid address or username when you try to access or mention that.
  2. On the other hand, if someone does occupy your previous home and address, what happens when someone goes knocking? They don’t find you;instead, they discover someone new! Who knows, they might even get acquainted and closer than you two ever were. In the same way, if someone sets their username to the one you left, then, when people mention or visits that username, they will find the new guy.

Changing Username of a Verified Page

Usually, when you change a verified twitter handle username, the verification symbol or the blue tick goes away. Now, you can contact Twitter before changing it, and they might consider your request. In that case, your verified badge will remain as is. Do not plan to buy a verified account and do so, because of twitter checks for such imposter. If they find you guilty, they will ban and delete your account.

What to Do After You Have Changed the Twitter Handle Username?

What to do after you have change your twitter username

So, by now, hopefully, you have understood that changing twitter username is like changing the address in the real world. So, what should you do to direct people to your newfound address?

  1. First, notify all the close people, followers about your new username. You may even tweet about it!
  2. If you have used your address as your mail address, then change those to the new one. That is, if you have used twitter links in other places or sites, then change the URL to the new one.
  3. Change the anchor links, i.e., hyperlinks within texts that direct to your profile, will have to be changed one by one.

How to retain my previous address or username?

After you have shifted to a new address, you feel that no one shall be able to occupy your previous one, then, you can simply keep leasing it. Now, in the case of twitter, such practice is strictly frowned upon. Still, if you want that no one should be able to take control of your previous username, then simply open a new account. Select that previous username as soon as your primary ID has shifted to a new one.