How Much Does YouTube Pay for Views?

The internet is a great place. It has its positive sides and also negative sides as well. One of the positive sides is that you can make money and a living out of the internet. Many people think of it as a rumor to cover up the negativity of the internet.

But rest assured that this is no rumor. You can actually make money out of the internet. There are many platforms for that. One of these platforms is YouTube.

YouTube is a great platform. It has multiple layers of content. You can be a singer, a blogger, a criticizer, an artist, a gamer and what not.

Your contents are what makes you famous here and you can be a great influencer. There are many examples. Currently, YouTube is dominated by Felix Kjellberg also known by his channel name PewDiePie.

Another advantage is that you can also post YouTube videos to your Instagram profile and grow your following on both platforms. This opens up more revenue streams for you.

Nowadays, like all other platforms on the internet, YouTube is also facing many criticisms by both outsiders and their own content makers. Most of these criticisms are centered on YouTube’s monetary policy.

You will find this argument very frustrating because there are multiple answers to it found on many websites. Even many Youtubers made videos about it and their answers slightly vary from one another.

So, we did some diggings to give you the right answer and now we present to you our view of this subject.

A Brief History of YouTube

Before going any deeper, let us have a quick look at the history of YouTube. YouTube was mainly created by three ex PayPal employees in February, 2005. Google bought this platform with US$ 1.65 billion in November, 2006.

Since its debut, YouTube has updated a lot in its agreement and monetary policy, community guidelines, layout and logo. At first, it was just a video sharing platform. But now it’s more.

It’s a community. It is rated as the second most popular website on the internet with about one billion hours of content being watched every day. That’s all for the history of YouTube.

How Do You Earn Money on YouTube?

How Do You Earn Money on YouTube

People see YouTube revenue as easy money. They may think that YouTubers only have to create a channel, post a video and earn money from its views. But it is not that simple. Earning from YouTube is a very hard sell and it has nothing to do with subscribers.

This means the number of subscribers in your channel is useless if you do not get any view from them. Your channel must be a member of the YouTube Partner Program for earning money.

If you want to earn money from YouTube, you must follow the community guidelines, copyright policies, and terms of services, advertiser-friendly content guidelines and Google AdSense program.

Your channel must follow these policies to be listed in the YouTube Partner Program. In addition, you must open a Google AdSense account with your Gmail and link it with your YouTube channel.

There are two more requirements for becoming a member of the YouTube Partner Program. They are 1000 genuine subscribers and a total of 4000+ view time/ watch time on your whole channel.

If you can fulfill this requirement and follow their guidelines, you will be able to apply for the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube will then go through all aspects of your channel.

They will evaluate your subscriber’s authenticity; examine your channel for user-friendly and advertiser-friendly content. If your channel can hit all the checkboxes, it will be listed in the YouTube Partner Program and you will start generating revenue.

Your main earnings are actually dependent on the advertisements, banners that your videos will feature and the viewer’s engagement toward them.

How Much Does YouTube Pay for Views?

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You may not believe this but YouTube does not actually pay for any views on the videos. They mainly pay creators for featuring advertisements on their videos. Advertisements are those skippable or non-skippable promotional videos at the beginning or middle of a video.

Another form of advertisement on YouTube is the banner ads floating down your video while watching. If the viewer watches the ads more than half of its length, then it count as a view. For banner ads, a view is counted when the mouse scrolls over it.

The actual earnings of a YouTuber is $0.10 – $30 per view of the advertisement. If we do the math, it shows the result of $18 per 1000 ad views. That means a YouTuber earns approximately $3 to $5 per 1000 views of their videos.

The number might seem very small for beginners. That’s because every channel struggles at the beginning to get 1000 views. It is similar to every aspect of life that the starting step is the hardest. After the first step, you will easily move forward.

So in short, at the beginning a YouTuber earns nothing. But consistency will lead their channel to fame and they will start earning $3 – $5 per video. And if lucky, they can earn millions.

What are the factors that Affect Ad Revenue?

So normally YouTube pays creators $0.10 to $0.30 per ad views. But this might differ based on many factors such as country, region, advertisement types and provider, etc.

For example, an Indian YouTuber earns $0.15 for an ad in his video. An Australian YouTuber will earn $0.25 for that same ad in his videos.

What are the reasons for demonetization on YouTube?

Demonization means the cancellation of your ad revenues and being kicked out of the YouTube Partner Program list.

There are many reasons for demonization. If your actions break any rules of their guidelines, your channel will be demonetized. Some of the common mistakes done by creators are using items like songs and music without having their copyrights. Another factor is reused contents.

Once your channel is demonetized, it is very difficult to make them monetized again.

So, it is better that you follow all of their guidelines in every upload and strictly maintain them.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is a great platform to be a part of. It is a community that connects the whole world together. Being an influencer there is a very prestigious thing. But it requires a lot of dedication and patience to reach there.

Some of the enthusiastic persons might get demotivated by seeing no earning at the beginning. But we would say that you should never give up. The beginning is always hard.

So if you want to start a YouTube channel to make money, you must be prepared to overcome these struggles at the beginning.