At the comfort of your favorite couch, you are surfing the internet. There are several artists you follow on social media so you are ever checking out what’s the latest piece they have posted. You got all their handles on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Watching videos as they assemble their drawing paraphernalia gives surety that a masterpiece is in the making. Art is your middle name. Dear mother says that at the supermarket, you would intentionally run to the stationery section and cry for paintbrushes and pastels. How would you survive without art? But recently, whiteboard videos have sparked interest in you. Being an experimental person, this is definitely worth trying.

Technology has indeed been a game-changer in the way things are now done. Companies are using online platforms to publicize their products. A shift is being made from posters to digital marketing. And more recently, whiteboard videos are being widely used to pass on necessary information. They are preferred since they are not only entertaining but also simple and easily remembered. Visual messages are more likely to initiate action to the audience as compared to written text.

If you are an armature, it’s natural to wonder how to make whiteboard animations. Don’t worry, this article is here for you. We will look at the creation of your own videos and how Doodly (a software) simplifies the process

The first important steps

An impressive building is as strong as its foundation. The same is true when you want to learn how to make whiteboard videos. Proper groundwork is essential if the video is to meet its objectives. So how do you achieve that?

  1. Ideation

Ask yourself, “What information do I need to deliver?” This will determine your wordings as well as the mode of presentation.

Your message could be appealing but if it lacks a good introduction, who will pay attention? Therefore, strive for creativity as the video starts. It will build anticipation for what follows next.

Is a catchy tune at the beginning enough to maintain the viewers? Not really. A good start doesn’t guarantee success. Ensure that the content well illustrates the intended message.

Another crucial aspect is motivating the audience to act accordingly. For example, it is expected that sales will escalate if a product was advertised using the whiteboard video. Anyway, wasn’t that its purpose?

  • Storyboard creation

When scripting is checked off the list, the next step is sequence formation. This involves deciding the order of the video. What parts constitute the introduction, body and conclusion. A flowchart would be practical in this step.

The stage is now set. What follows? The actual creation process. You could either work on it personally or get an expert to sort you out.

Animation process

  1. Personally creating whiteboard videos

Working on such projects can unleash your artistic potentials. It’s also a good avenue for self-expression since you get to decide the theme and tone of the video. The market is full of software that is designed for the creation of whiteboard animation. Being a newbie comes along with inexperience so choosing a suitable application may be a daunting task. Besides, many bloggers have varying software in their tutorial videos. So, which is the best? Doodly.

Understanding Doodly

This is software that helps individuals to produce high-quality doodles. Creatives can use it to design whiteboard or relatively brief explainer videos. One of the notable unique features is its simplicity. Instead of being glued to the screen as online tutorials sound like Gujarati, Doodly saves your time. What else does it have to offer?

  • Variety of templates– Available in over 350 doodles, why shouldn’t this be your first pick? For those desiring the hand’s impression in their art, there are over 10 styles. Besides whiteboards, chalkboards are also at your disposal.
  • Accessibility– Worried about subscriptions every time you use the software on a different product? Fear not! All you need are your login details and you are good to go. Ipads can also hold the software hence you could use it anywhere, anytime. Isn’t that cool?
  • Quality formats– Since Doodly is available in MKV and MP4, your videos will be of high quantity resolution.
  • Customization- A personal touch could be the line between an amazing video and another piece of production. You could customize the boards or hand paths to suit your taste. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear your voice in the short clips? Doodly makes this possible. Simply upload the voice records and boom! There you have it. Suitable images that you feel fit in perfectly may also be included.

In most cases, quality goes hand in hand with prices. Is this so with Doodly? No. Subscriptions are pocket friendly so that you can continue enjoying quality services. Packages are either standard or enterprise. Payment is either annually or monthly.

The standard option comes with installments of $20 per month but the enterprise is $40 a month if paid annually. The price is higher if one decides to pay monthly. Bills incurred will amount to $39 and $69 for standard and enterprise respectively.

The advantage of the latter is accessibility to more fonts and customization features. Nonetheless, both will still serve the purpose.

 Coupons that come with an amazing 49% Doodly Discount All you need is the code and in no time, the subscription amount is slashed.

Hiring an expert

If you feel you don’t have a knack for whiteboard videos, some professionals could handle that. Online platforms like Freelancer have designers lined up at your service. Give them detailed descriptions about what you would like and they will get it done.


In this age, the internet is easily available to the majority. Social media is just about anywhere. Seize this opportunity and pass on information by use of whiteboard animations. It could be an indispensable tool that will scale up your business. Striving for quality videos? Doodly is the must-have software to achieve that goal. Its wide range of customization features as well as its ease of use make it the perfect pick. Doodly cares about your pocket that’s why it’s affordable. So will your video by a Doodly TM?