6 Cards Tarot Reading | What do these readings mean?

It’s obvious that we all care about our future. We might be unaware about ourselves and that can become one of our obstacles in life; not knowing your true self. There may rely many hidden factors in every person that can hold him or her back. Here’s where tarot cards can help you discovering yourself.

You can know the unknown with tarot card readings. It’ll boost up your confidence and make your mind clearer. You might find a bunch of tarot-spread layouts. Each card can hold different information that could have great impact in your life. I’d also recommend you read about 7 rules of life which will help you get a better perspective towards life.

We have designed a 6 cards tarot reading course right below to help you out from the fuss. Sure, it’s more of a guideline that you can follow. It’s also super easy reading these cards. So, let’s get started!

Table of Contents

    Position 1: The You Card

    Before you look into other factors, we want you to focus solely on yourself. Who are you? What is your past? What do you want to become? Take a deep breath and think about only yourself. Every aspect that revolves around your life, it’s YOU who can control it. We want you to feel the power of self-esteem. That’s why, we chose the first position in this spread that defines you.

    The card helps you to discover your inner self and regain the lost confidence. You must believe, if changes are going to happen in your life, you are the one who can contribute in it. The card will give you more power of your future than you’ve ever thought.

    Position 2: The Situation Card

    This card is specifically designed to figure out what social circumstances are bothering you. You might lose your mind sometimes and think what’s happening with this world! Your current state of affairs may hinder your existence so badly that you might face obstacles one after another.

    This card saves you from all the confusions. You will be able to know the core problems of your present life and it will certainly provide you a hint to solve them. So, read your situation first by reading the situation card. Then only you can prevent it from impacting you.

    Position 3: The Unseen Forces Card

    Not all the time we can see what’s our hindrance in life. There might be some unseen forces that have the most impact in our lives. If you are aware about the obstacles in your social life but still cannot hold the danger, it’s time you turn the third card.

    Our position three is the card that unveils all the unseen energies. It can be both positive or negative; it can either hug you or hurt you in its own style. It’s your job to find out from the card reading. The sooner you can identify these forces, the better you can control your life in future.

    Position 4: The Self-Sabotage Card

    At times, we can really become our worst enemies. Can you deny it? Well, if you have hard times believing in this statement, you can look it up on the third card we’re about to introduce you – the self-sabotage card. This card will explain you if you’re subconsciously hurting yourself.

    Sometimes deeply wounded past can become your enemy that you’re feeding and hurting yourself. It’s necessary to identify all of those self-regulated obstacles that can destroy you without anyone’s assistance. So, read this forth position in the tarot card spread, know about your self-undermining tendencies, and get on action.

    Position 5: The Trusted One Card

    A supporting friend is always a blessing. No matter how many failures you witness in life, a good friend will always be by your side. The fifth card is the indicator of searching those true friends. Each of them has talents, unique traits that can turn into your assets.

    You can be benefitted by their presence in your life. Their wisdom can make impacts in your life so strongly that once you find them, you’ll never let them go. By this Trusted One Card from the 6 Cards Tarot Reading, you can fix your support system as you like. That’s this card reading is very important for you. So, stay strong and stay motivated. Your friends are there for you.

    Position 6: The Revelation Card

    Have you ever been in confusion about what to do next? Has life ever confused you? Well, it’s pretty normal situation for everyone. Everybody at least once in their lifetime feel completely lost. That’s when tarot card saves you. The sixth position describes the Revelation Card

     It helps you to guide on how you can take first step on accomplishing something. By reading this card, you’ll be able to take risks and get a clue of your positive future. So, read the card, buckle up, shape the unknown circumstances, and start making your future bright.

    Final Thoughts

    So, you see, tarot cards reading is not some sort of witchcrafts. You can easily determine your future with this card reading. From the above 6 cards tarot reading, you can know more about yourself, your destiny, how many obstacles you have farther, known or unknown, and most importantly these cards will guide you to the path of a positive future. With the tarot reading you can be more conscious about your life. Even in choosing friends, you can find out who will care for you the most in your hardships.

    Therefore, we recommend you to try out these cards. Analyze your past and present conditions. Seek guidelines for the future. Don’t feel demotivated because only you can control your life, no one else.