Binding Love Spells with Photos

To bind your crush in your love territory, love spells can be the best option for you. It’s magic that connects two souls and forms a bridge. You’ll find numerous love spells on the internet, or cast spellers who chant love spells for their clients. You might witness a lot of fake websites that will give you ineffective spells.

On the other hand, cast spellers can charge you a lot for pretty simple spells. We recommend you to cast your own love spell to draw your crush towards you. It won’t require too much ingredients. You can cast spell with the ingredients you have at home.

To make your spell even better, you can use photos of your crush and yourself. We’ve listed here a few simple binding love spells with photos below. You can be assured of their effectivity if you chant them with true heart.

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Table of Contents

    Make Him Fall for You Spell

    This spell would need to be performed repeatedly for a few days. So, you might have to store resources for chanting. The main ingredients you’ll require are three red roses, three red candles and a picture of your desired person.

    One thing you must not miss is the true intent of your heart to make your person fall in love with you. The best time to cast this spell would be right before you’ll go to bed at night. We advise to repeat the spell as many times as possible when the young moon starts getting fuller day by day.

    Moving on to the instructions, at first, you’ll need to put all the objects in front of you and form a circle by them. The order will be followed by a red candle, a rose, and so on. Keep the picture at the center of the circle.

    Now, chant the spell three times – “With the all-powerful arrow of love I pierce your heart, O my man! Love that restlessness creates, which floods; love me! That arrow that flies true and right, in you will burn a desire. This is my determination to own you! Come to me, obedient, without pride, as I am full of passion and desire!”

    Then let the candles burn out completely. Whenever you are finished, place all the objects in a box and hide it somewhere where nobody can see it. Remember to use fresh and new objects for everyday chanting. Don’t use the already used objects by any means except for the photo. Only then, you can wait to see a positive result.

    Photo Magic

    The spell we’re about to tell is probably the simplest one. You’ll just your and your crush’s photo, and a candle. That’s it! Place both of the photos facing towards each other. Then, lit a red or white candle. Close your eyes and chant the phrase below from the bottom of your heart.

    Venus, Goddess of love, I burn this candle in love’s name that I may be loved by {name} as I love them”

    Keep repeating the phrase for six times. At the same time, try to visualize the person. When you are finished, put out the candle. Until you finally get into a relationship with your loved ones, you should keep repeating this spell. One of these binding love spells with photos will definitely bind your crush in no time!

    Mirror Reflection Love Spell

    Choose the late night to cast this spell. The primary ingredients you’ll require are a photo of you and your crush separately, and a mirror for casting reflection. As secondary ingredients include candles, needle, scotch tape, and a box in your list. Place the two photographs in front of the mirror in way that the reflections get merged. It will look like an infinite number of group photos. Lit a candle in front of it.

    Now, chant the following incantation,

    “May the soul of this of God, (the name of the person) be broken into so many parts as there are reflected in the mirror.”

    Take your photo closer to your crush’s in the same position. Continue chanting the phrase below,

    “May each splinter of your soul unite with my soul and never separate from it.”

    One last incantation is left and you repeat the process with those photos. Start saying,

    “I pay with my blood for union with this servant of God, (his name). Let us be one forever. Amen.”

    Now, pinch your index finger with the needle. Take out some blood and write your name on the backside of the photos with it. Carefully place the pictures in the box. Hide it in a safe place where nobody can see it. The spell will be working until anyone finds out the photo.

    Get Your Partner’s Attention Back Spell

    If you feel the old spark is gone between you and your partner, then try out this binding love spell. The spell casting must be done at midnight because the time completely aligns with its purpose. The first thing you’ll need to do is place a red candle behind a picture of your loved one. Keep in mind, the room must be totally dark where the candle will be the only source of light. Take a white paper and write a spell on it with a red pen. The spell is,

    “Sadness, go to my lover (name). Go inside his head so all he could think was me (name), hugging me, kissing me, loving me. My words are strong and sticky.”

    Now burn the paper on the candle fire. Place it in a position so that the smoke hugs the picture around. Keep it under the photo now. Chant the last few words,

    “The blood’s boiling, unable to keep still. What goes over the head, comes into the head. When the fire appears behind the back – the heart of God’s servant (name) excites.”

    By this, close the love spell and wait to see the outcome.

    I hope that these binding love spells with photos bring you success and eternal love.