Simple Love Spells Without Ingredients

When we think of casting spells, most of us have this vision – a witch pouring down weird ingredients like blood of an elephant, leg of a frog, or something unconventional in a big pot and cooking them. Well, in reality, you won’t need too much ingredients all the time.

You can cast a spell only by using your mind and will power and that’s it! Your spells will work effectively. If you’re having mental health issues, check these best mental health counseling programs and why it’s important.

Now, a lot of us are worried about our relationships with our partners. Some might have existing relationship problems, some want to draw their crush’s attention, and some people would love to get their exes back.

When you think your love isn’t working enough to hold your partner tight, or getting your partner’s attention, you should use love spells. There are numerous love spells out there which require no ingredients. They are so simple that you can just start away! So, here we present you some of the best simple love spells without ingredients that will work instantly.

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Table of Contents

    Emotionally Driven Spells

    Emotionally driven spells are one of the strongest love spells. It’s necessary that you have a strong intention for casting this spell. If you’re in any type of doubt or confusion, your spell will not work at all.

    For example, if you really want your crush to fall in love with you, you must truly believe that you love him or her with your heart. A little doubt whether you should select him/her or not would ruin the spell instantly. So, it’s important to make your mind clear and straightforward.

     However, emotionally driven spells can be pretty dangerous sometimes. These spells might be beyond your control and can be extremely volatile. You must be cautious about protecting yourself from the negative aura while your casting the spell. If you’re confident enough to fight all these obstacles and cast the spell with true heart, you’re sure to succeed. So, you have to remember, the spell is pretty simple but the consequences can be very deep.

    Spoken and Written Spells

    Speaking and writing are regular parts of our lives. Do you know you can use these as powerful love spells? You can prepare your own chanting with words and cast them on your loved ones. It will increase the bonding more quickly. You can also rhyme words as you chant but it’s not utterly necessary.

    Note that it’s important to stay positive with your words. Never use a negative word in your spell or else you might receive bitter negative force which you’re trying to escape. Here, your motivation and will-power are the key to a successful spell casting. We tell you, if you can cast it the right way, you’re sure to receive some good results.

    Imagination Love Spell Chant

    Imagination Love spells are for making your crush nearer to you. As we’re here talking about simple love spells without ingredients, you really won’t need a single thing to complete this spell. So, the first thing you do is to go into a quiet, dark, and isolated room.

    Make sure you don’t get distracted by anything nearby. Now, sit on a quiet space with your legs crossed. Take a prayer position of your hands, close your eyes, and start meditating. Think deeply about your crush.

    Now, visualize him/her as detailed as possible. Imagine you’re talking to your crush and using your love to make him/her all yours. Keep praying to the undivine and seek the power to get your future love. After you’re done, open your eyes and a take a deep breath. Once you’re cooled off, go to sleep. If you have done all of the above steps correctly, you’ll definitely see the result.

    Heart Spell Chant

    Love spells are cast to bring two hearts together. What if we say, you use your heart to bring your loved ones closer to you? Get ready to see one of the simplest love spells without ingredients! Before we start, keep in mind that you must chant this spell at night. Experts say that the perfect timing can make your cast stronger and effective. We suggest you choose the time right before you go to bed. So, here how you can cast the spell.

    Sit in an open space with your legs crossed. Now, create a heart shape using both of your hands. Close your eyes and think deeply about your loved one. Try to visualize everything you wish your crush would do for you. Try to focus on the type of relationship you want to go for.

    Keeping your eyes closed chant these words, “Thank you the highest powers of Mother Nature for bringing Mr. X (or Ms. X) to my conscious and subconscious mind. Lasting love is all I need from that person. Make him/her last for me?”

     Now, repeat the chat for three times. At the end of the spell, right before you finish it, ask the highest powers to grant you the favor and bless you.

    Final Verdict

    All of the simple love spells without ingredients we’ve discussed above are equally effective. You can choose your favorite one to cast a spell for attracting your lover. However, keep in mind that without positive energy and focus, your spell won’t work. Try to keep your intentions as clear as possible so that the highest powers can fulfill your wishes.

    To chant spells in an energized body and mind, you can meditate a day before exercising the love spell. We recommend you to do whatever it helps to fresh you up before you start chanting. This way, you’ll be able to cast the spells properly and see good results.