Best Portable Nebulizers

Nebulizers are essential for patients diagnosed with breathing conditions, and due to the recent circumstances, the need to use nebulizers has spiked drastically. And to use nebulizers without facing many issues, you have to go for portable nebulizers as they are compact and easy to use.

Best Portable Nebulizers in 2021

Here are our top picks for the best portable nebulizers that are currently available in the market:

Product NameFeaturesPriceCheck Price
ProNebu Portable NebulizerMesh type portable nebulizer 
Can be used by people of all ages
$$Check Price
Tangxia Mini Portable NebulizerMesh type portable nebulizer 
Can be used by people of all ages
Very small Light-weighted
$$Check Price
FEELLIFE Portable NebulizerMesh type portable nebulizer 
Best for children
$$Check Price
MGLIFMLYJet type portable nebulizer 
Best for children
$$Check Price
Wizard Portable NebulizerMesh type portable nebulizer 
Comes with both breathing gear options
$$Check Price

1. Best Portable Nebulizers: ProNebu Portable Nebulizer

Best Portable Nebulizers

ProNebu portable nebulizers are one of the highest performing mesh nebulizers available in the market. This nebulizer offers the best of both worlds as it provides the utmost perfect performance with a budget price range. Making this portable nebulizer the top choice for many.

What’s more, the ProNebu portable nebulizer is also applicable for patients of any age. The versatility doesn’t stop there, as this nebulizer also offers the option to choose which type of breathing gear you want to go with. It also comes with 90 days money return policy which serves as the cherry on top of the ice for many buyers.


  • The compact structure makes the nebulizer a perfect companion for travels or any other cases.
  • Can be used by people of all ages
  • Atomizes the liquid thoroughly, thus making the particles thinner than most other nebulizers in the market
  • Provides the option to choose between breathing gears: mask or mouthpiece, thus making it available for users of any condition 
  • Good Noise suppression creates lower than 25 dB
  • Solid pricing compared to other options with equal features 
  • It comes with a 30 days money return policy 


  • The medication chamber’s capacity isn’t enough for large doses 
  • The warranty period is very small 
  • Durability is not the strongest selling point

2. Best Portable Nebulizers: Tangxia Mini Portable Nebulizer

Best Portable Nebulizers

If you are looking for a great portable nebulizer, then the Tangxia Mini Portable Nebulizer might be the perfect choice for you. What’s unique about this mesh-type portable nebulizer is its size. The Tangxia mini is one of the smallest portable nebulizers you’ll be able to find in the market, which makes it a great pick for travels and office or day to day usage as you don’t need a lot of space to carry it wherever you go.

It also comes with two different working modes making it more efficient based on the patient’s need. The medicine chamber is airtight, meaning there will be no chance of leaks which is very convenient as many portable mesh nebulizers fail to deliver. The overall design is also different as it synergizes with a rectangular shape compared to the traditional cylinder shape people have come to know of.

So, suppose you are on the market looking for the ultimate compact portable nebulizer for yourself. In that case, the Tangxia Mini Portable Nebulizer is, without any doubt, the perfect choice for you.


  • Small structure makes it easy to travel or carry around with.
  • It is very versatile as people of all ages can use it 
  • Two different working mode enables to use efficient use of medicine 
  • Has no leaking issues 
  • Appearance is quite attractive and unique 
  • Comes with two breathing options 
  • Provides sounds lower than 25 dB giving the ultra-quiet sound experience 
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • It has a six months warranty


  • Durability is not the best
  • Take too much time to vaporize the medicine 
  • Customer service is very unresponsive 

3. Best Portable Nebulizers: FEELLIFE Portable Nebulizer

Best Portable Nebulizers

If you are looking for the best portable nebulizers for children, then the FEELLIFE Portable Nebulizer is a great option that you should consider. This device is specifically made for children and has additional features like music playback along with fast medicine atomization so that your child won’t get bored during the session.

It is a rechargeable portable nebulizer with lightweight feature that makes it perfect for taking to school or outside.


  • Compact and light-weighted mesh type portable nebulizer  
  • Easy to use due to one button power on/off system
  • Best for children, holding the power button plays music 
  • Quite and has rechargeable features 
  • Comes with two breathing gear options


  • Batteries aren’t removable 
  • Not suited for adults
  • Time-consuming 
  • Steam production is low

4. Best Portable Nebulizers: MGLIFMLY

MGLIFMLY is a great option if you are looking for a jet portable nebulizer that is best for children. This nebulizer comes with an array of useful features and is quite durable. Even though it is heavy compared to mesh-type portable nebulizers, these nebulizers are quite easy to carry due to their small structure. It can also be used by older people but is best suited for children.


  • Mini jet portable nebulizer easy to carry 
  • Best for children as the medicine production is fast and sends the air directly to the lungs
  • One key operation system making it simple to use 
  • Provides two breathing gear option
  • Has a great customer service  


  • Weight can be heavy for some 
  • Not the best option for school usage 
  • Noise is quite high, almost 65 dB plus 
  • Steam can be a bit too cold for some people 
  • As it breaks down into two parts, carrying can be a hindrance

5. Best Portable Nebulizers: Wizard Portable Nebulizer

If you are looking for the best portable nebulizer, this mesh nebulizer from Wizard Research Laboratories is one of the best in the market. This nebulizer is easy to use and is also efficient as you don’t need to turn it off after usage. It is also easy to clean and has a very good medicine chamber. 

What’s more, it also comes with one year warranty along with two breathing gear options. People of every age can also use it.


  • Small and light weighted  
  • It is usable by people of any age 
  • Strong structure and durability 
  • Auto shut down the system 
  • It comes with one year warranty 


  • Battery life is shorter than other option in the market 
  • Price is very high

Buying Guide

When buying a nebulizer, you need to consider and factor in a lot of conditions and attributes. And if you get them wrong, no matter how good or costly the nebulizer is, it won’t be up to a point. And as portable nebulizers are already costlier than other types of nebulizers, you should ensure that you are getting the best option for yourself. 

And to do so, you need to keep a lookout for some features and attributes that will make an average portable nebulizer the best portable nebulizer for you. Here are the few details you need to keep an eye out for:


The most important factor that you need to get right is the type of portable nebulizer. There are three types of portable nebulizers available, and they are:

Jet Portable Nebulizer

One of the most common types of portable nebulizers, jet nebulizers, uses compressed gas when making an aerosol or, in simple terms, making small microparticles of the medicine you put in the nebulizers in the air the patient to breathe in.

Jet portable nebulizers are best for children because they can send the air directly into the lungs, and what’s more, they can effectively send proteins and suspensions. Something the other type of nebulizers aren’t just capable of.

Ultrasonic Portable Nebulizer 

Ultrasonic portable nebulizers are a bit bulkier than the other two types. Still, they provide much more important uniformed particles than the other two, making it essential for patients who need condensed air for their lungs.

Generating the medicine particles is done by using a piezoelectric crystal that vibrates at a very high frequency that results in creating the aerosol or the tiny air medicine particles.  

Mesh Portable Nebulizer 

Last but definitely not least is the portable mesh nebulizer. Mesh portable nebulizer is like the new kid in the block with cool tricks on his sleeve. Mesh portable nebulizer provides the performance of both jet portable nebulizer and portable ultrasonic nebulizer without their drawbacks.

Mesh portable nebulizers use caps with tiny holes and from which the liquid passes through and turns into aerosol in the process. It is calculated that the tiny air particles that a portable mesh nebulizer produces are the smallest compared to the other two. And due to its lightweight and fast operations, it is becoming famous and handy for every age and sector user.  

These are the three types of portable nebulizers that you will find in the market. After the initial introduction, it might seem the portable mesh nebulizers have taken a great lead ahead of the competition, and if you can, you should opt for it. 

But if your patient is below eight years, we strongly suggest going for portable jet nebulizers. And for older patients who need more uniformed particles, it is safe to go for portable ultrasonic nebulizers. So, get a good idea of the user’s needs and age before selecting a portable nebulizer for them or you. 

Breathing Gear Option

There are two types of breathing options that you can get regarding breathing the aerosol created by the nebulizer. These two types are:

  • Mouthpiece 
  • Mask

The mouthpiece is more oriented for users who are facing trouble breathing through their noses. On the other hand, masks serve as the general breathing option for nebulizers where the users just put on the mask or breather until the medicined air particles are all into their lungs.

This decision will be depending on the patient or the user’s condition and what method they think will be the optimal option for them. Make sure to consult with the doctor, too, before choosing the breathing option for your portable nebulizer.


When choosing a portable nebulizer, one of the most important factors should be portability, and going for the light weighted option should be the priority. For this instance, the clear winner is mesh-type portable nebulizers. But the other type also offers generous low weight, which you should consider by yourself because you can trade off a little extra weight if the performance is optimal.


Buyers always appreciate a strong, durable product, and when it comes to nebulizers, durability is a must for portable ones. So, look for portable nebulizers that provide a strong base structure so that they can go through the wear and tear that comes with regular usage. 


Pricing of potable nebulizers is higher than the other type of nebulizers available in the market. Among those, mesh nebulizers are costlier than any others. But if you are hoping to get the best, then a little cost is adjustable but don’t go overboard as there are some absurd prices out there for portable nebulizers.


Another important factor that comes into play when looking for the best portable nebulizers is the warranty. Because unfortunate events can happen and most of the portable options available in the market don’t come in cheap. So, suppose you are going to invest in a portable nebulizer. In that case, you should get one with a good warranty to cover up if any unfortunate event happens regarding the nebulizer.


Finding the best portable nebulizer for yourself is a complicated task as there are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind before finally picking out one for yourself. Hopefully, if you have come to this article, you’ve already found the perfect choice for yourself. So, what are you waiting for?  Get the best portable nebulizer for yourself and start leading life a little easier for yourself!

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