Top 7 Female Celebrities Who Do Pilates

Pilates is one of the best methods to keep your body in shape. You may not believe us, but it is the truth. Even many female celebrities do Pilates. They are devoted to staying fit and practice Pilates regularly along with their standard workouts. Here are the famous top 7 female celebrities who do Pilates.

Top 7 Female Celebrities Who Do Pilates

1. Adele

The famous singer got wide attention last year due to her stunning transformation. Her photo surfaced on social media, and people quickly noticed that she lost about a hundred pounds. So, are you wondering how she did it?

Well, Adele found a new love for exercise. As per reports, she didn’t love working out. But now, she follows a new exercise regime that involves Reformer Pilates.

She tried the method with her pals first and became fond of it. Then, to lose weight, she practiced Pilates regularly and followed a strict food diet. Now, after achieving her goal, the musician still swears by Pilates. She even recommends it to all of you as well.

2. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is an actress and a mom of three. However, there’s more to her than just a brilliant acting career. The Almost Famous star is a fitness enthusiast too.

Hudson is vocal about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her love for Pilates is no secret, and you can see it on her Instagram account. In fact, Her Pilates workouts have become viral all over.

She mixes up her routine from time to time, but four movements remain constant. Kate practices classic Pilates with her trainer along with lower body exercises. So if you want to work out in Kate Hudson style, all you need is a Pilates mat or equipment.

3. Jennifer Anniston

The famous Friends star is viral for being an icon. If you look at her past and present pictures, you will be amazed. That is because you will notice that she hasn’t aged much.

Jennifer Anniston is still as pretty as she was ten years ago. Her fit body is an inspiration for many of us. And the secret behind her charm is none other than Pilates.

Some time ago, the Blended actress sustained a back injury and had to do Pilates for rehabilitation. And although she is not a fan of working out, Pilates found a spot in her heart. In an interview, she described the method as doing beautiful movements.

Anniston also suggests using Pilates equipment for the best experience. It changed her body and helped her recover quickly too.

4. Meghan Markle

The actress turned royalty is one of the most inspiring personalities. Meghan has always been honest about her refreshing fitness efforts. She even maintains her look by Pilates strength training.

Markle trains at her friends’ studio, Pilates Platinum which is a celebrity hotspot. She says Pilates is the best thing you can do for your body. According to her, there are two reasons why you’ll love Pilates.

The first one is that it changes your body and the second one is that positive results are brought about quickly. While many people tend to do mat or Reformer Pilates, Meghan loves different equipment.

According to her, the Lagree Megaformer is best for incredible results. We don’t know about you, but her commitment to Pilates indeed inspires us.

5. Kate Winslet

Are you a fan of the Titanic star? If so, then you’ll love to know about her experience with Pilates. The Academy Award winner has faced a lot of struggles to maintain her weight.

She is fully aware of the challenges of fitness regimes and diet plans. However, luckily now she has achieved her ultimate figure. And the credit goes to Pilates.

After giving birth for the fifth time, Winslet wanted to feel fit, so she tried out Pilates. Her experience has been delightful. That is why instead of hitting the gyms now, she does Pilates at home for twenty minutes daily.

6. Madonna

Yes, you’re reading it right. The queen of the pop world is also a fan of Pilates. The singer is well-known not only for her voice but her fit figure and lifestyle too.

The interesting fact is that she is one of the first megastars who became a devotee of Pilates. Madonna believes in the core-intensive workout Pilates for many reasons. The talented artist has revealed that it has helped her with improving her posture.

She also says that Pilates has made her mindful about breathing movements which can be exhausting while doing tours. The popular entity has a home gym and has been working out at Pilates studios for years now.

7. Amanda Seyfried

Have you ever wondered how the Mamma Mia star always has a luminous glow? Well, it’s not through crazy skincare and workout regimes. Amanda follows a simple plan of Pilates.

The actress says she goes for running and practices Pilates on weekends. This is the secret behind her stunning physique. Seyfried believes that you should keep in shape without worrying about imperfections.

Her healthy approach to exercising is undoubtedly an inspiration for many of us. The starlet also suffers from OCD and has said that working out has helped her maintain her calm. So Pilates is not only suitable for keeping the body in shape, but it can relieve stress too.

If you want to remain as calm as Amanda, a combination of cardio and Pilates can help you. Besides that, the actress also recommends taking help from a trainer. In an interview, she said that motivation is vital for staying fit, which is one reason she’s fond of practicing with a trainer.

Final Thoughts

These are the top seven female celebrities who do Pilates. They are major devotees of the method and suggests it to all of their fans. The best part about Pilates is that you can do it out of the comfort of your home.

You can get advanced or straightforward Pilates equipment and form a routine as per your needs. Even fifteen minutes of workout every day produce incredibly positive results.